Project Description

Project: Core Lab
Client: Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Completed: August 2021

M-Engineering provided MEP&T Design and Construction Administration services for the renovation of the Core Lab at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s main campus. This project included full MEPT Design of the lab space, including lab airflow controls, air valves, fume hoods, normal and emergency power distribution, and full technology design. Detailed planning and coordination to ensure all requirements of the specialty lab equipment were met was required. Additionally, a new bench power and data distribution strategy via ceiling mounted panels was diligently planned and designed to accommodate the new bench layout of the space. This strategy has since been implemented in designs of other laboratory spaces within the Nationwide Children’s Hospital network.

Project Type: Hospital Lab
Cost: Confidential
Area/Size: 9,400 sq.ft.
Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Technology.