Project Description

Project: Chilled Water Expansion
Client: L Brands
Location: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Completed: 2016

M-Engineering provided Prime design and construction management/administration for a Chilled Water Plant Expansion at the L Brands Campus in Reynoldsburg.  The project consists of the conversion of 15 – 240 ton (plus) air houses from DX water cooled to chilled water and the expansion of a 1500 ton chilled water plant to approximately 5000 tons.

M-Engineering began this project with detailed economic cost comparisons for the rebuild of the 15 air houses, located on Building #4 and Building #5.  The economic analysis went through multiple iterations in preparation for presentation to corporate management personnel.  Results of the analysis indicated that converting the 15 air houses to chilled water and expanding the 1500 ton plant in Building #7 to serve Building #4 and Building #5 was the best option.

The project was proposed and pursued in 4 Phases.  Phase 1, consisting of piping to Building #4 from the existing Chilled Water Plant in Building #7 and completed construction in January of 2013.  Phase 2 design, consisting of the expanded the chiller plant design, and was completed in January 2014.  Phases 3 and 4 were completed in successive years of 2015 and 2016.

The air house “re builds” consist of removal of 6 to 8 DX compressors, circuits, and cooling coils, removal of the water cooled condenser, various structural stability upgrades, new chilled water coils, piping, valving and controls. 

The new chilled water plant design consists of a 2500 square foot building addition to house the new chilled water plant expansion, careful cooling tower placement and screening to address aesthetic concerns, two additional 1400 ton chillers, one additional 750 ton chiller (and associated cooling towers), primary secondary pumping, and piping as required to serve Building #4 and Building #5 separately and well as existing Building #7 (already served by chilled water).

M-Engineering is providing/has provided ALL required services to move this project to completion.

Project Type: Commercial
Cost: $10,000,000
Area/Size: 2500 Square Foot addition
Services Provided: Mechanical and Electrical Design